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  • Kaisi 3D Design iPhone CPU Mobile Phone Universal BGA IC Reballing Stencil Kit
    3D design,0.25mm thickness extra hard steel. Stepped design grooves catch IC accurately and easily. Each single slot has the same size as phone IC. Full models for A8/A9/A10 IC repair. Easy to use and work efficiently.
  • If you are finding a useful binocular microscope, it will be a best choice!!!
    Nowadays, microscope is a necessary tool for mobile phone PCB inspection and repair. It will improve your efficiency on repairing mobile phone. If you are finding a useful binocular microscope, it will be a best choice!!!
    Real effective measured value 4 1/2 precision measurement which can be accurated to 1uV. Positive peak and negative peak measurement Ternary display: bar graph display,main display and vice display Supramaximal capacitance measurement of 20000uF
    It avoids the cooling of soldering tips without adding any water to improve working efficiency.
  • K-1726 Precision screwdriver set
    The screwdriver tip was made of S2 alloy steel with HRC 58- 61 degree hardness.The designed of 4.5cm extended rod is very convenient to dismantle the screws on deep hole.
  • Diagonal Cutting Pliers
    1. Designed for research and development, using vanadium alloy steel material; 2. Products after a long period of heat treatment and high frequency made of cast,Toughness strong, cut not collapse, ultra-durable; 3. Repair, you can directly cut off th