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    Positive white color temperature, eye health, energy saving and environmental protection, touch switch brightness adjustable, snap mounting design.
  • screen change pop-up problem
    four Zhixi Network solves the problem of screen replacement pop-up windows of 11~14 series Apple mobile phones Grinding protection + tin planting two-in-one use Prevent damage to the screen and cables
  • K-316 Multifunctional Glue Remover
    Multifunctional glue remover Glue removal, polishing and cutting,Six speed regulation, LED lighting,Motor forward and reverse rotation, High capacity battery
  • K-331 Aluminum Alloy Tin Absorber
    Aluminum alloy solder absorber Strong suction, automatic rebound, easy to operate Vacuum tin suction pump, can be operated by one hand, with strong sealing performance
  • LCD bracket pressure retaining mold
    D bracket pressure holding mold Use the data of the original factory to make molds Alloy material, not easy to deform
  • 3 seconds quick dry oil
    Main board flying wire UV light 3S rapid drying curing Used for fixing tail plugs, screw posts, flying wires, solder pads, solder plugs, etc, Insulate and protect electronic components after welding.