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  • Kaisi The 2022 National Day holiday schedule is as follows
  • kaisi The 2209 enlarged plastic extrusion artifact is coming~~
    1. Hand pressing design saves time and effort 2. Uniform discharge, fast speed, block discharge, easy to use when stop and break 3. T-shaped card slot fixed design, use most of the syringe type products on the market
  • kaisi 328 multifunctional automatic grinding pen
    1. Quickly pull and insert the chuck, the grinding head is plug and play, and the replacement of the grinding head is more convenient and fast 2. Using high-speed motor, 3-speed variable speed digital display, strong power, to meet various work needs
  • multi-purpose adhesives
    acrylic diamond environment friendly adhesive creates strong bonds with many different surfaces of,toys,artificial flowers,textiles,silica gel,silicon rubber, jewelry,packaging,handicrafts and others. Comparing to other adhesives,it's virtually scent
  • kaisi 2208 Squeeze artifact!
    Lightweight easy to use Long-term use will not be damaged
  • Highly active flux rosin
    Scope of application: Suitable for welding on instruments, meters, gold, copper, tin, iron and other metals Before welding, wipe the surface of the item and apply this paste to the metals such as copper, tin, iron, etc.