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    Product Name:LS-2401Patch Point Set
    LS-2401 patch kit is used for solder patch, motherboard support, can be used for all types of electronic components!Patch Pressing (Stainless Steel Thimble, Acrylic Box, Ceramic Sheet, Pure Copper Bead), Made of pure copper, large, medium and small, three kinds of copper bead specifications, can be made between 0.03-0.8mm any size and thickness of the gasket, middle explosion-proof tin gasket and flying wire patch piece 2 in 1, good oxidation resistance effect, good electrical conductivity effect, better electrical performance!

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    Instructions for use:
    1, check whether the head of the stainless steel thimble is flat before use, if it is not flat, it can be rotated on the ceramic piece until it is flat and suitable.
    2, pour the pure copper beads on the ceramic piece, and use the stainless steel thimble to press out gaskets of different thickness and size.
    3, fly line one end on the ceramic piece, the use of stainless steel thimble can be flattened.
    4, can be produced between 0.03-0.8mm any size and thickness of the gasket
    Product size: 65x56x12mm