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    Product Name:K-9208 (V24)Cell phone battery activation board

    2024 version 9208 mobile phone battery activation board, intelligent charging, activation board prompt, digital tube numerical display, charging status indicator light prompt to make the current status of the power supply closer to a clear understanding, when the output power supply voltage is lower than a certain value, the battery has no current data, then the battery voltage is not shown (Note: Input voltage should not exceed 5V, Otherwise it will damage the battery life, only one battery can be charged each time) Cover the market mainstream mobile phone model support: Android/Huawei/Honor/Xiaomi/oppo/Vivo/ Samsung/ZTE/Meizu and other models.

    Barcode 6922297031229

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    According to the different conditions of the panel, the different functions are introduced respectively
    If no power is connected, the following three situations will occur when the battery that needs to be charged is connected to the activation board:
    1. All the indicators of the activation board are off: the battery voltage is lower than 2.5V, (The activation board needs to be higher than 2.5V input to start working)
    2, short circuit indicator light, indicating that the battery short circuit;
    3, the activation board power indicator lights up: the digital meter on the right shows the voltage number (the voltage is the current battery voltage)
    Product Model :K-9208 (V24)
    Product Type: Battery activation, charging fixture (smart charge)
    Product size :138 x 77 x 14mm

    Package size :188 x135 x 26mm

    Barcode 6922297031229

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