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    Product Name:2292

    Heating free screen separation

    Powerful suction cup/safe screen removal/no damage to the cable/no damage to the camera
    Silicone protective frame
    No damage to keys and frame paint
    Cushion soft rubber pad



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    1. The screen separation of the heating free mobile phone and the removal of the high-efficiency back cover glass are two in one.
    2. The strong suction cup can be adjusted freely from front to back, or left to right with a bracket. The force is uniform and the adsorption force is strong. The screw tension design makes the suction cup pull up evenly without damaging the screen.
    3. 360 º random rotation and fixation, simple, efficient and convenient operation,
    4. Cushion sponge pad, with high resilience and tensile resistance, is not easy to hurt the phone, and has good cushioning performance.
    5. Front and rear protective soft pads, removable keys, firmly clamped, not injuring the phone, applicable to most models on the market, and the width can be adjusted through the knob
    6. It is made of aluminum alloy and is resistant to compression and deformation. 7. The bottom anti slip foot pad is designed to firmly fit the desktop and is not easy to slide

    Length: 195mm
    Width: 100mm
    Height: 100mm
    Scope of work
    Length: 75mm~95mm

    Width: unlimited

    Size: 200 x 100 x 140mm
    Weight: 820g

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