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    Product Name:2284

    Heating free screen separation
    Powerful suction cup/safe screen removal/no damage to the cable/no damage to the camera/simple operation



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    1. It is easy to change the screen without damaging the flat cable. It is applicable to most models on the market. The width can be adjusted through the knob
    2. The strong suction cup can be adjusted freely from front to back, with uniform force and strong adsorption force. The screw tension design suction cup can be pulled up evenly without damaging the screen.
    3. The product can be disassembled on the left without damaging the flat cable. 3. The camera groove is designed to prevent the camera from being damaged when the screen is disassembled
    4. It is made of aluminum alloy and is resistant to compression and deformation
    5. The bottom non slip foot pad design firmly fits the desktop and is not easy to slide

    Base plate:
    Length: 220mm
    Width: 80mm
    Height: 45mm
    Scope of work:
    Length: 120mm~160mm
    Width: unlimited
    Height: 35mm

    Suction cup moving distance: 90mm

    Size: 200 x 80 x 95mm
    Weight: 650g

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