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    Product Name:K-300DP

    This is a newly designed exclusive digital video microscope. Its functions include camera drawing, video display, graphic measurement, video recording, etc. it is not only suitable for mobile phone maintenance, but also suitable for jewelry welding and more precise welding. 10-74x magnification details will be displayed on the 11.6-inch screen at 1080 HD resolution. The pattern measurement function of the microscope will help you solve more problems.

    K-300dp is an intelligent digital microscope. Due to the large number of accessories, it can be used in many fields. Among other things, it is also useful in the following fields: industry, life sciences, mineralogy, insect barns, botany, crime laboratories, education, etc. Because of its simplicity, its use is easy to learn.

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    1. Ergonomic design reduces the working pressure of operators. The screen is placed 40cm in front of the screen, and the angle is adjustable. It is also a simplified wireless mouse operation.

    2. Simple design of production line, CCD, LCD display, LED lighting,Integrated built-in design.
    3. Clearer optical observation effect, high-definition display, 
        resolution up to 1080p.
    4. Powerful software operation, can measure, store,  
        take photos, compare.
    5. Magnification: 0.28x --- 2x for standard configuration.
    Back end matching:
    With HDMI support 1080P@60Hz or 1080P@50Hz monitor.
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